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Posted by on Jul 24, 2007 in Media, Military | 0 comments

Warrior stories

I’ve always wondered what would happen if a journalist with no ties to a major media outlet went to war and reported from the warrior’s perspective. They would have no editorial mandate, and could report honestly without fear of losing their job.

Meet Michael Yon.

He’s not the first freelance reporter to hit the battlefield with no contracts or guaranteed paychecks in place. There have been others, such as NBC’s Richard Engel, that jump into the fray and hope to sell their work after the fact. Engel’s excellent reporting quickly led to big money offers, and he took one.

Yon survives on book and DVD sales, and donations. I have no idea if he has a certain political mandate, or if he’s receiving cash under the table. But I do know his reporting is fresh and unlike that seen in the major media, and definitely worth a look.

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