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Posted by on Oct 12, 2007 in Tomfoolery | 0 comments


Electronic toys, especially loud ones, send me to my crazy-place.

To date, I have :

– Ripped apart a stuffed Christmas snowman with a steak knife to disable the “Silent Night” song chip in its guts. This was after (unsuccessfully) dunking it in a bucket of water.

– Thrown a firetruck puzzle over our back fence, Frisbee-style, because the %&#@ siren would not turn off and the batteries were hidden behind a screw-on panel.

– Thrown a ‘learning toy’ down the basement steps, like a baseball, due to a flaw in the software that caused it to repeat “B..B…B is for banjo” for thirty-five minutes straight, at full volume.

Parents:  Save yourself a boatload of stress.  Buy Amish.

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