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Posted by on Jan 2, 2008 in Excursions, Jurisprudence, Military | 0 comments

Two Navy Sailors Dead in Ghana

Still no answers.

Back when I was in Uncle Sugar’s Canoe Club, they always warned us not to go ‘over the hill’ when visiting foreign ports. ‘Over the hill’ being any area dangerous to Americans. These treacherous slums are especially hazardous for young sailors with a few beers under their belts and American dollars in their pockets.

So far, no foul play has been discovered.

I suspect this will change in the near future, and a botched robbery will surface.

More later.

UPDATE:  Alcohol poisoning, perhaps.

Sorry, I don’t buy it.   One death, maybe.  But two?  There may be some extenuating circumstance, such as bad booze, or a narcotic taken intentionally, or unintentionally, if you read me.   But I hardly believe tequila shots and Jello shooters are to blame.

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