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Posted by on Jun 4, 2007 in Tomfoolery, West Virginia | 0 comments

Weird, on so many levels

Teens Spared in Impotent Ostrich Case

BAUTZEN, Germany – Three German teenagers have been spared paying hefty damages after a court ruled it could not prove an ostrich farmer’s claim that their festive firecrackers made one of his birds impotent.

Court proceedings in the eastern town of Bautzen ended Monday with a settlement that will see the three pay only euro140 ($188) in vet costs for Gustav the ostrich.

Farmer Rico Gabel had claimed euro5,000 ($6,730) in damages for the alleged antics on Dec. 27-29, 2005, of the three youths, aged 17-18. They were not identified by name.

The farmer claimed that fireworks set off by the boys made the previously lustful Gustav apathetic and depressed, and thus unable to perform for a half-a-year with his two female breeding partners.

Before Gustav regained his sex drive, the farmer estimated he lost out on 14 ostrich offspring, worth euro350 ($470) each.

The state court started hearing Gabel’s suit in March and brought in an ostrich expert to examine his claim.

The expert, Christoph Kistner, told the court that he saw no connection between the noise and the lack of offspring. He said that, while ostriches react to noise with stress, that does not affect the production of sperm.

Source: Associated Press/AP Online

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