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Posted by on Jun 24, 2007 in Gravitas, Philanthropy | 0 comments

So, how was your day?

We all have bad days. Traffic jams, moody co-workers, kids pouring chocolate milk on the sofa. But damn, it could be worse. What if you (or God forbid, your child) was living with a disfiguring injury?

My buddy Bill Fulton invited me to visit Burn Camp last Friday. The camp was created so that children living with burns can get away and just be kids, without stares and questions following them everywhere they go. The staff is comprised of first responders, therapists and adult burn victims. Bill is a firefighter and camp director and one inspired dude.

My friend and colleague, Whitney Holmes, did a story on it.

I’m still wrapping my head around this. As a storyteller, my Spidey sense is pegging off the charts. But these are kids. Kids who are embarrassed by their injuries. Kids who are bullied by other kids. How does one tell this story without further propagating self-consciousness in these little souls?  I’m all about the story, but certain stories are best left untold, especially when a child’s self esteem is at risk.

That said, Whitney did a great job. But her piece was a short, sweet profile of the camp and the people behind it. To dig any deeper into the lives of these children may be too intrusive. And frankly, too heavy for this director.  Maybe.

My entire concept of ‘bad day’ has been rocked.

Thanks to Bill for the invite, and to the participants for the kind reception.

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