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Posted by on Nov 4, 2009 in Gravitas, Military | 0 comments

Rising from the ashes…

The U.S.S. New York made its triumphant New York City debut today…. and what a sight to behold it was.  Many 9-11 first responders and 9-11 family members lined the banks of the Hudson River today to be a part of history — to watch the ship made with the salvaged remains of the World Trade Center return to the site where twin towers came down 8 years ago.

Watching the transformation of the twisted and charred steel turn into a massive hulking warship was powerful for shipbuilders, who have said  this ship is a bold reminder that America will “never forget”, which is also the ship’s motto.

The U.S.S. New York arrived with a large escort of firefighting, police and coast guard boats … like a protected public official — or rock star heading to a stage… a fitting entourage for a ship of this size.  She is 684 feet long, 105 feet wide and weighs 25-thousand tons — 7 1/2 tons of salvaged steel from the twin towers were melted down and molded into the ship’s bow.  As the ship made it’s way into New York Harbor … it passed under the Verrazano Bridge, then paused in the waters just outside the world trade center where Marines on board gave a 21 gun salute.     It then muscled it’s way up the Hudson River to Pier 88 on Manhattan’s west side, where it will stay parked for the next 10 days.

It took a billion dollars, and four years to complete –  there is what is considered a communications masterpiece tucked away under two cones of steel called the A-E-M’s — advanced enclosed masts that help reduce radar detection.  During the ships construction Navy Commanding Officer Curt Jones said, he knew this ship was going to be special.  “I walked underneath this ship, and put my hand on the hull and every hair in my body stood on edge”

The ship can carry 360 sailors, and 700 Marines.  800 for a surge mission.    The U.S.S. New York  LPD-21 is the 5th amphibious transport ship in the Navy’s San Antonio class and will be used to transport land marines, equipment, and supplies and can hold four helicopters or 2 Osprey’s at a time.  At today’s welcoming ceremony, New Yorkers said the ship shares the personality of the city..and embodies the strength and determination of the people who live here.  Mayor Michael Bloomberg continued … “so, every friend that sets foot on it, and every foe that dares challenge it, will feel it’s power, and know that it is literally made from the heart and soul of the city that has sacrificed so much”.
The U.S.S. New York will be open to the public starting this Wednesday after 9-11 first responders and family members have a chance to visit her… then it’s off to it’s new home port in Virginia where it will be used for crew training exercises – it is expected to be deployed for active duty within the year.

[Source:  Laura Ingle at Fox News]

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