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Posted by on May 23, 2007 in Tomfoolery | 2 comments

Reporting from Cannes…

Bob Sigman, my friend and occasional collaborator, is working the Cannes film market this year. He’s keeping a journal here.

The film market is a major annual showbiz event, and is famous for its film festival, which draws industry types and gawkers from around the globe. The real business takes place behind the scenes and away from the festival, where films are bought and sold and millions of dollars change hands hourly.

Bob is a the former CEO/President of Republic Pictures; he retired from the the Hollywood rat-race to pursue his own ventures. He occasionally jumps back into the movie game, and is in Cannes this year to assist his friend Enrique with film sales.

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  1. Dear Scott
    I understand that you were filming some of the problems Children being taken to Japan by their estranged parent.

    Well I am a estranged grandmother. Who is a Nurse. Past private Nurse to Mrs. Ira Gershwin. This situation is very painful, we just got back from Japan. After a spending $10,000 dollars in less then 10 days we were not successful at getting my grandson or even just establishing rights to visitation. His father is an alcoholic and is abusing perscription pain medications and has very distinct mental issues possible that were always there.

    If we can add to you filmaking I would be more then happy to communicate with you.

    Respectfully and looking to hearing from you from Donna Hesse

  2. Hi Donna-

    I’d be happy to communicate with you, but you should send an email to:

    Otherwise, I have no way to contact you.

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