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Posted by on Jul 31, 2009 in Media, Military | 0 comments

Read this now.

My buddy Mitch ‘Taco’ Bell is a USMC pilot and one of the best bloggers on the planet.  I highly encourage you to read this outstanding post from the Sandgram.

How do you fix a problem like Afghanistan?

“How do you fix a problem like Maria???”

The song from the Sound of Music reverberates in my head as I sit here thinking about the situation in Afghanistan. How do you fix a problem like Afghanistan? When I tell folks that I served in Kabul, I think the number one question asked of me is, “What do you think will happen in Afghanistan?” I hate to say that my reply isn’t always positive. Our job there, and in Iraq, has come at a great price for America and her allies, and I firmly believe there are still lots of bad guys there who need to be given the chance to meet their maker, but maybe we need to change how we do business. These are my personal insights on the war there, good, bad or indifferent. They do not reflect the opinions of the Marine Corps or the administration.

The country:
  Let’s face it; Afghanistan’s current calendar is in the solar year 1388 and they are still a hundred years from Columbus discovering America. They use the Hijri date which is the Islamic calendar starting in the year that Mohammed immigrated from Makkah to Madinah. In the cities, they have cars, electricity, TV and radios, but that is mainly for the wealthy, while you still see donkey carts clogging up traffic for the average person. Even in Kabul, a major city, the majority of the population is uneducated, and they rely upon their Imams or religious radio programs to tell them what is going on in the world. We have a real problem with functional illiterates who are serving in the roles of the Government.


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