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Posted by on May 29, 2007 in Entrepreneurship, Hollywood, Philanthropy | 1 comment

Paul Newman retires

You’ll hear much blubbering about his retirement from the entertainment press over the next few days.

I like Newman because he started a massively successful food company that improved the lives of thousands of seriously ill kids. Newman’s Own is and always has been a for-profit entity, but it stands apart because all net profits are donated to charity by Paul Newman, his own bad self, to the tune of $200 million as of 2006.   He could have kept every single penny.

I also had the opportunity to speak with his wife Joanne Woodward on a few occasions regarding Bravo Company, a theater group for disabled vets that I co-founded with my buddy Tim Artz. Joanne is one classy lady, and a truly compassionate and dedicated artist.

So yes, you can celebrate Newman’s acting prowess and collection of Oscar statues, if you like. I’m going to toast the dude for manning up in the U.S. Navy during World War II, taking care of sick kids, and marrying a beautiful and talented woman.

Oh, and also for being the voice of ‘Doc’ in Cars.

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1 Comment

  1. My mother introduced me to Paul Newman Movies when I was a kid in the 50’s. I remember him opposite Taylor in “Cat”. He was smoldering.
    Those blue eyes — unforgettable!

    My grandaughter now likes him for his voice as “Doc” in Cars. I think that makes him “eternal”

    Paul Newman is a great actor, humanitarian and an ageless icon.

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