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Posted by on Nov 30, 2009 in Entrepreneurship, Publishing | 0 comments

OMG! We’re gonna starve!

Digital readers continue to gain traction, including Barnes and Noble’s proprietary rig.

Like the music and film industries, this is causing mayhem and panic among the publishing execs.  Soon (a few years) there will be no CDs, DVDs or other ‘hard’ entertainment products.  They’ll simply fade away like 8-track and Beta, and we’ll download our entertainment on demand.

But what about books?  Will there come a day when no brick/mortar bookstores exist?  I say no; books are tactile and Kindles are not.  We readers like the feel and smell of paper, and books need no power source.  However, the kids today are growing up with computer screens in their little faces, and may feel more in tune with books stored on Nooks as they grow older.  After all, we’re not reading from scrolls of papyrus. Things change.

The real fear in the offices upstairs lies not with the technology, but how it can be tamed and monetized.  As an author, I hope that figure it out.  And with huge money at stake, I believe they will.

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