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Posted by on Oct 11, 2007 in Politics, Tomfoolery | 3 comments

Nobel Peace Prize = bare-knuckle brawl

If Al wins the Nobel Peace Prize, and actually enters the presidential race as expected, a political bloodbath will ensue between Clinton’s attack dogs and Gore’s hatchet men.

You see, Al and Hillary hate one another, and what better way to destroy a Clinton than to strip them of their political ambitions.

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  1. god i hope Al G. does not run for president again. let the voting scandals begin. but I would not take an entire campaign of listening to green earth and wind power babble for month after month. I would go nuts.
    and no one wants to be a 2 time … loser.

  2. Looks like he won it. Figures, now he joins the ranks of Jimmy Carter, Kofi Annan, and Yasser Arafat. It would be interesting to see him jump into the democratic fray. With Hillary’s socialist babblings, Al’s holier than tho attitude, Obama’s plain dumb ideas negotiating with the nut job from Iran, Edwards Ritchie Rich demeanor and “fighting for the little man” all the while exploiting him, it’ll be interesting. It would be entertaining except for the fact that whoever comes out on top of this heap has a real shot at being our next president. Now that’s scary…

  3. Right.

    And Richard Daly just got behind Obama, which will give him a boost. So if Al enters the race, we’ll have a slightly stronger Obama, a diluted (deluded? Heh) Clinton and a Gore with momentum. Should be interesting to see, especially when all of the dirty secrets from administrations past are aired.

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