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Posted by on Nov 5, 2007 in Booze, Politics, Tomfoolery | 0 comments

No pass for Thompson

I like Fred Thompson. I don’t think he has fire in the belly, and wouldn’t vote for him. But I like his (relatively) straight talk and unapologetic demeanor.

He needs to cut this skunk loose, and do it pronto.

I don’t want an oily, thieving criminal like Sandy Berger lurking around the White House, and it seems that will be the case if Mrs. Bill gets elected. And I don’t want felons hanging around barbecues in the Rose Garden, in the unlikely event Fred gets elected.

Loyalty to friends is one thing. Loyalty to convicted former bookies is another.

When will you politicians learn? We expect more of you, and those that hover around around you like opportunistic fruit flies.

If, God forbid, a nuclear strike ever becomes necessary, we don’t want vermin like Sandy Berger whispering in peoples’ ears.

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