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Posted by on May 6, 2007 in Tomfoolery | 2 comments

“My taxes pay your salary!”

Ever been in line at the post office and heard an angry customer screeching like an unhinged Ebola monkey? I have.

FYI, the USPS receives no tax money from the federal government. Operations are financed by the sale of stamps, boxes, etc.

The Wiki article is actually quite fascinating, as far as post office articles go.

And from the official USPS site:

Even more remarkable, the Postal Service has not received any tax money for operating expenses since 1982. The entire cost of operating the system is paid for by the customers who use its services. Like all businesses, the Postal Service must periodically raise the prices it charges for its services to cover increases in the cost of doing business and to sustain high quality universal service.

High quality universal service?

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  1. “High quality universal service” – lol

    Why limit themselves to the planet Earth?? Moon and Mars settlements are just around the corner, right?

  2. I actually have no problem with the standard mail delivery service. They’ve been getting that right for a couple of hundred years, with an occasional glitch. But overall, no complaints.

    The retail service at the post offices is pretty good, too. I just find the constant ‘suggestive selling’ to be a PITA.

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