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Posted by on May 15, 2007 in Hollywood, Media, Politics, Tomfoolery | 0 comments

Michael Moore vs. Fred Thompson

Well, I generally ignore Michael Moore, since his work, by self admission, is intentionally inflammatory and based on his own political agenda. Also, I have a good friend that once wrote for Moore’s TV show, and he reports that Moore is a miserable, hate-filled human being, and treats nearly everyone with hostility and contempt, not just those with whom he disagrees politically. Now, if this was the opinion of my friend and no one else, then I’d shrug it off as well, an opinion. But when liberal filmmakers find him repulsive, then there must be fire under that thar smoke.

Anyway, Moore recently rattled Fred Thompson’s cage, and got his arm ripped off in the process, metaphorically speaking. You see, he challenged Fred to a debate, and got this brilliant video response instead.

[‘Thompson,’ incidentally, is the anglicized version of the Gaelic name ‘Mactavish.’]

I have no problem with Moore using the media to get rich and express his opinions, even if I find them repulsive. It’s all part of that whole First Amendment thing, and pundits of all stripes are making fortunes every day by banging their respective drums. But Moore goes beyond opinion and intentionally distorts facts, all the while laughing hysterically as the government launches investigations, knowing that Uncle Sam’s spotlight will further elevate his profile and ultimately, his profits.

I’ve been to Cuba, and it’s no socialist paradise as Moore tries to portray it. In fact, the people there live a life of squalor and oppression, and many risk a painful death at sea rather than continue a life under Fidel:


And on 9/11, I filmed the towers as they fell, and still can’t shake the smell. Enough said about that.

Exploiting human misery for profit is simply repugnant by my estimation, and I commend Senator Thompson for his response.

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