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Posted by on Jun 18, 2007 in Politics, Technology, Tomfoolery | 0 comments

Keep your tax money, seriously.

We all know that I’m an ocean guy. Yes, yes…I’m land-locked now, but for nearly twenty years I lived within two miles of open salt water. (Including a dozen years in NYC, which is right on the harbor.)

I’ve also been through a dozen hurricanes, at sea and on land. I even lost a couple of homes and a business one summer.  (That particular lot was right next to our building, which is just out of frame to the left.)

But not once did I expect you to pay for it. If I choose to live by the sea, I take the responsibility of paying for it if Mother Nature decides to play nasty.

However, there are quite a few folks that will happily use your tax money to protect their vacation homes.

Since we’re paying the bill, perhaps we should all get a free weekend on the beach. Can you imagine the look on the homeowners’ faces when the feds show up with a minivan full of Kentuckians, there to collect on ‘their’ appointed weekend? Heh.

An absurd solution to a moronic policy.

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