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Posted by on Oct 11, 2007 in Religion, Tomfoolery | 0 comments

Joke of the day…

Muslims tell Christians: ‘Make peace with us or survival of world is at stake’

In other words, make peace with us, or we’ll kill all of you.

Heh. Nothing says ‘friendship’ like a veiled death threat.

Memo to Muslims: How about cleaning up your own corrupt house? Last I checked, Muslims were carrying out random acts of murder, while Christians were ministering to the poor and downtrodden. In fact, I can’t recall one instance where an innocent person was killed by a Christian-made IED, or where one Muslim country sent soldiers into a neighboring country to rescue victims of floods or earthquakes.

But when a Muslim country suffers massive devastation, a largely Christian country sends in its military without question. Remember when the mountains of Pakistan collapsed, and tens of thousands of civilians were hurt and killed? Which country was the first with boots on the ground, offering aid to the Muslim victims? Syria? Somalia? Iran? Indonesia?


If you want peace so desperately, how about telling the kooks in your ranks to stop killing innocents and start helping those that need it.

Oh..and while we’re at it…Israel offered aid as well, despite the constant threat of annihilation by its neighbors of a certain religious persuasion.

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