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Posted by on Jun 7, 2007 in Excursions, Media | 0 comments

Is NYC safe?

The FBI seems to think so.

I’ve lived in four major cities, a few medium-sized cities and a couple of small towns, and saw varying degrees of crime in all of them.

Of the big cities, I lived in New York the longest, and saw it before and after Giuliani’s clean up. Rudy is best known outside of NYC for his heroics during 9/11. But to those of us who suffered through The Mayor of Tennis, he’ll always be remembered as the guy who made the city livable again by greatly diminishing petty crime and getting rid of the squeegee pests, among other things.

My first post-Navy job was in Richmond, VA. A buddy opened an upscale restaurant in Shockoe Slip, and I moved there to manage the bar. I was there for ten months, and had a gun pulled on me once, my car broken into twice, and the restaurant I managed was robbed at gunpoint on my day off. The kitchen manager, a friend and roommate, was pistol whipped and locked in the freezer. And to top it all off, one of our waiters was shot outside a 7-11 while leaving his car. His girlfriend was nearly hit by a second round of bullets fired through the windshield. (He lived.)

I’ve seen plenty of weirdness around New York, including a number of non-violent crimes, like drug dealing and pick pocketing. I’ve also seen a few assaults (bar fights) and was nearly mugged once by a drunk (he woke up the next day with a very bad headache, and it wasn’t the booze.) But nothing like the thuggery in Richmond.

So is it ‘safe?’ Well, compared to Corolla, NC, probably not so much. But compared to Richmond and Detroit and St. Louis, it’s certainly far safer, in terms of violent crimes per capita.

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