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Posted by on May 2, 2007 in Media, Politics | 1 comment

Is America ready for a ___ President???!!!

Dear Media:

Yes, we’re ready for a [woman, black, Eskimo, blind, northern, southern, midwestern, Native American, Asian, Mormon, atheist] Presidential candidate.

So stop asking, because when you do, you come off like mouth-breathing boneheads.

You see, we, the general public, are capable of choosing candidates based on their cumulative qualifications and leadership potential, not some ridiculous single identifier such as race, gender or religious affiliation.

Instead of wasting ink on hysteria, how about presenting the issues, and where each candidate stands on them?

Oh, right…that wouldn’t sell papers.

To imply that we’re only capable of wrapping our heads around a white-male-Christian candidate is absurd and insulting.  And for the record, I may just vote for a white-male-Christian candidate, if he meets my criteria. Or, I may vote for an Asian-female-Buddhist if she fits the bill.

So yes, we’re ready. But are you?

[Postscript: Even the Canadians are jumping on the hysteria bandwagon.]

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1 Comment

  1. That question is a slight of hand question. By asking that question it changes the focus of the conversation from the qualifications and philosophy a candidate has to the color of their skin or their gender. Those that actually ask “are you ready for a ___President?” seem to put a lot of importance on defining someone by their race, gender, etc. and not on their ideas. It’s also the ONE thing that a candidate can’t change. They can always change their mind about taxes, healthcare, etc. but they can’t change the color they are or whether they sit to pee. To a logical thinking person it would seem that if you don’t want to discuss the issues but would rather discuss the color or gender then maybe your views might not be all that popular??? Also, who is going to say “hell no, I don’t want a woman or a black man to be president, give me the cracka!!!” The only purpose to the question is to divide people, not to bring people together, which BTW is what we desperately need in this country right now.

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