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Posted by on Jul 2, 2007 in Technology, Tomfoolery | 3 comments

If you have a touch-tone phone…

please press “1.” Otherwise, stay on the line and blah blah blah.

Tell me…does anyone still use a rotary phone? Perhaps in Cuba, or North Korea, where they still consider these a cutting edge luxury.

But in the free world, where people camp out for iPhones, I find it hard to believe that an outgoing message would ask is someone is dialing in on one of these:


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  1. I’ve got one at home that has a ringer that will wake the dead. It’s about a 1940’s model. I cant leave it hooked up because the damn thing is too loud.

  2. My mom has one! It came with her house, and when it is plugged in, it is very loud! I use the ringer on my cell phone, lest I won’t hear it..

    Plus, for some odd reason, (she lives in OK, odd enough) during a power outage or so called phone outage, she can plug it in and it will work like a charm! During a tornado watch, I can call, it will be plugged in and I know she is okay.

  3. Hmm.

    I guess those old phones are like the original Volkswagens Beetles: Loud, and indestructible.

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