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Posted by on Jul 12, 2019 in Entrepreneurship, Tomfoolery, Writing | 0 comments

Haters and Screechy Monkeys gonna hate…

Quick tip for those of you aspiring to create things for a living.

Maybe you’re writing the next great American novel, or cutting together a masterpiece destined for Oscar greatness.  Or you simply make jewelry at home and sell it on Etsy.  Whatever.  Now this may sting a little, but regardless how great your product turns out, some people will hate it and state their opinions very publicly.  Yes, even you, guy over there with the ventriloquist dummy.  Especially you.  But I digress.

My first book was meant as a humor parody mashup of military manuals and fatherhood books.  It was intentionally goofy with a few real nuggets of wisdom thrown in just to prove I actually pro-created.  It even states so in the preface pages.  However, certain readers took the book as gospel and blasted it (and me) very publicly across various sites, including Amazon and Good Reads.  And I made the mistake of rebutting the criticism.  I should have let it go and accepted the fact that most readers, those that got the humor, loved it.  But no, I had to get my hillbilly on and kick off a flame war, which did nothing but fire up the other haters and make me look like a defensive, over-sensitive kook.

So here’s my advice: Let it go.  Engage with your audience but stay away from the Crazy Screechy Monkeys.

Here’s a great post by author John Scalzi, who’s sold a couple of books.  (Actually a couple of million.):

Beware the Crazy Screechy Monkeys


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