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Posted by on Jun 11, 2009 in Entrepreneurship | 0 comments

Economics, Pt. 1

Want to fix the economy? Here are a few tips, starting with business travel:

1) Don’t charge freakin’ $6.00 for a Corona at the airport.

2) Banks, do your absolute best to avoid hiring dumb-asses in your call centers.

3) Hampton Inn: When I call for information about your hotel, don’t tell me it’s ‘right next door’ to the convention center, when it’s really 1.2 miles away. See #2 above above. Oh, and your shuttle driver smelled like dirty feet and bourbon.

4) If you have ‘economy parking’ two miles away from the airport terminal, don’t charge $50.00 for it. That would be the ‘sucky, overpriced’ parking.

5) Tips are earned, not implied.

6) Faux ‘Tuscan’ Restaurant: I don’t believe real Tuscans eat deep-fried mozzarella sticks. And if you insist on charging tourist prices, make sure the food is edible, and doesn’t smell like the shuttle driver in #3 above.

More later, after I shake off this jet lag.

CORRECTION: Hampton Inn, the comment about your call center stands. They gave faulty info and it caused unnecessary inconvenience. Your shuttle driver was fine, however. It was the driver from another business that had serious personal hygiene challenges.

On another note, Hampton Inn, your management staff was top notch.

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