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Posted by on Jun 8, 2007 in Entrepreneurship, Excursions, Tomfoolery, West Virginia | 0 comments

Do you commute?

If so, how long is it?  Thirty minutes?  An Hour?

This guy commutes more than two hours each way, every day.

As I read the article, I thought, “This guy must be a political consultant or have some highly specialized position that requires him to be in DC.”

Actually, he’s a paralegal.

I realize the wages in the metro DC area are better than  average, but come on.  Five hours a day, on the road?  Doesn’t the gas bill offset the higher salary?  How about the strain on the family?  If he were knocking down half a million a year for a few years, and then taking a gig closer to home, that’d make sense.

There must be something at-play here that didn’t make the article.

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