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Posted by on Oct 24, 2008 in Gravitas, Hollywood | 4 comments

Death of a Goomba

THOMAS MERDIS Died Jun. 1, 2008

Actor Thomas Merdis died at age 62. Mr. Merdis credits include “A Time to Kill,” the TV series “In the Heat of the Night,” “Super Mario Bros,” and “My Cousin Vinny.” Mr. Merdis served his country in the US Air Force during the Vietnam War.

I worked with Thomas on SMB. He was a good-natured guy, and really enjoyed performing. He was also a Viet Nam vet, and very proud of his service.

One of his best roles was the evangelist in “A Time to Kill.”

RIP, Goomba.

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  1. Thomas Merdis was a close friend of mine. I met Thomas in 1985 in Atlanta. I actually went by his house looking for him and found out that he had passed away. Do you have details as to how he died? I’m trying to find closure.

  2. No idea. As you know, he wasn’t a big partier or smoker, and seemed really healthy. If I hear of anything, I’ll post it here.

  3. I met Thomas in the late 90s and became quick friends. We fell out of touch at one point. He last called me just after 9/11 happened. After relocating, I often wondered how he was but no longer had his number. I only found out this past week that he passed in 2008 and am truly heartbroken. Thomas loved acting, but loved his career as a musician/singer even more. He was an extremely talented man. He is missed by many. I’d like to know what took him from this world, as well. RIP, Thomas.

  4. I met Thomas at an audition in 1986. We became good
    Friends immediately! He was like a big brother
    We wrote movie scripts and PSA together! He was
    A mentor to my young daughter at the time. As time
    Went on Thomas became more recluse and we didn’t talk
    As often as we use to! One day I drove by his house
    And saw folks cleaning it out they said Thomas had died
    What a shock as he was always excercising n eating healthy
    I woke up this am at 4 thinking of my old friend he use to
    play music with my uncle n fish w my mom on Jackson lake
    I miss you my ole friend RIH

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