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Posted by on Jan 7, 2008 in Gravitas | 0 comments

Coincidence, or providence?

I’ve been researching a book on my family for a couple of years. My forefather, Alexander Sutherland, came to to the U.S. as a (reluctant) British soldier and defected at Bunker Hill to fight with the Colonials. He was ultimately awarded with 700 acres, married his sweetheart and raised fourteen kids. He lived to be 101. My lineage to him has been verified, and I wore the Sutherland tartan at my wedding.

Now, I recently wrapped God and Country, and along the way, became friends with the Arms family. Brad Arms is featured in the film, and his family was instrumental in bringing his story to the screen. They shared Brad’s memory book with me, and in it were photos from a family reunion of a certain name. This particular name is rather unusual, and a several folks with that name married into the Sutherland line, just a few generations back. To say the least, this piqued my interest. Could the Arms be kinfolk?

I pulled our family records, and compared it to those provided by the Arms family. And to my astonishment, saw that Brad Arms, and his mother and brother, are cousins. Not some obtuse tenth cousinry, but more like fourth or fifth, which is rather astonishing considering we were total strangers before the film started.

Personally, I’m in the ‘providence’ camp, but that’s the way I roll.

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