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Posted by on Nov 30, 2008 in Publishing, Writing | 0 comments

Changing tack

I am indeed, a writer with a filmmaking problem. I got into show biz as a writer, and found that I had a certain knack for the tactile processes of producing and directing. However, I’ve always been most exhilarated by the writing process, and have found opportunities in Hollywood to be limiting at best and demeaning at worst.

A couple of years ago I wrote The New Dad’s Survival Guide and learned that the publishing world treats writers exponentially better than the movie world. Go figure.

Now that my book is close to earning out, I’m becoming even more enamored with writing and less enthralled with motion pictures.

That said, the tone of this particular blog is changing direction. I plan to devote more to the business of writing, and less to the business of film. I will, however, continue to follow the shenanigans of our favorite state (West Virginia, to those of you new to this particular little corner of the interweb;) their antics are just too intriguing to ignore.

I reckon filmmaking is too much a part of my DNA to let it go completely, so I’ll discuss it here from time to time, when the mood strikes. But for the most part, I’ll devote my random spleen-spews to the business of books and those that write them, including me.

That’s it for now.

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