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Posted by on Mar 20, 2008 in Military, Science, Technology | 0 comments

Today’s creepy robot…

..courtesy of Boston Dynamics.

Meet Big Dog, and watch it walk over rubble, through the snow, and on ice.   Take special note of its uncanny ability to recover from a solid kick to the ‘ribs.’  And that freakish chainsaw/housefly-on-roids sound is just bizarre.

I’m guessing it’s being developed for military purposes.   Strap a grenade launcher and video camera on top, and send it into a hostile enemy position for a little snoop-and-poop mayhem.  Imagine a few dozen of these things running amok in the Pakistani mountains, buzzing and hopping like vengeful hellhounds, grenade launchers firing  into the Al Qeada hidey-holes.

I’m betting that’s exactly what the warplanners have in mind.

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