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Posted by on Nov 29, 2016 in Excursions, Randomness | 0 comments

Geography Randomness, or, Random Geographyness

Yes, I am a geography geek.

I suppose most sailors are; it’s not too wise to jump into a 25′ craft, hoist the main and charge off to the horizon with no damn idea what lies beyond.

Back in the middle ages, mapmakers wrote “here be dragons” on the edges of the maps, in the areas that had not (yet) been explored.  They weren’t far off.  Find yourself in a fifty-knot blow on thirty foot seas, and you’ll wish you were back on land fighting dragons.

One factoid I find fascinating every time I chart the Atlantic is the relation of US cities to our neighbors across the pond.  As kids, we generally believed that England is a straight shot East, somewhere vaguely equal to Plymouth Rock, or perhaps even New York.

But take a look at a latitude map below and you’ll see that Great Britain is way north in relation to US cities.  London is more in line with Vancouver than any US city, and New York is on par with Madrid, Rome and Instanbul, while Atlanta’s latitude is very close to Baghdad’s.

So why isn’t England a snow-capped hell, like most of Canada (Heh.)?

The Gulf Stream.

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Posted by on Jul 9, 2010 in Randomness, Technology | 0 comments

Two random tech tips…

1) Searching all of Craigslist.

You can search the entire Craigslist database with a simple Google search. Just enter your search keyword, then a space, and then You’ll get results, categorized by city, from all over the planet.

Here’s how it looks:

2) Typing vanity telephone numbers on your Blackberry.

This is another very simple trick.  Just hold down the ‘alt’ key, and spell the vanity number on the keyboard as it’s written.  Be sure to use ‘o’ and not ‘zero’ in names such as COMCAST.


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