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Posted by on Nov 29, 2008 in Politics, Tomfoolery | 0 comments

And lo, the Era of the Skunk commences…

Alaska Senator Ted Stevens (R) was recently convicted of fraud and other shenanigans, and many of the old-school GOP players recommended he step down and go away. And away he went, thank God.

Not so much with the Democrats, when one of their own is busted with cold cash in the freezer. Jefferson is still cleaning up in Washington.

The majority of you voted for ‘change,’ yet the President Elect has stuffed his new administration with Clinton lackies and Washington insiders.

Prediction: The Skunks will once again run amok in DC, and stink up the joint with their corrupt moral tomfoolery set forth by their patron saint, William (Jefferson) Clinton.

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Posted by on Oct 23, 2008 in Lock and load, Media, Politics | 0 comments

Second Amendment for the win!

LUFKIN, Texas —  A pizza delivery man who was taking an order to a house in East Texas pulled out a gun and opened fire on two would-be robbers, police said.

One of the alleged robbers was hospitalized after getting shot in the back, Lufkin police said. The Papa John’s pizza delivery man, who’s licensed to carry a handgun, wasn’t hurt.

The shooting was Tuesday night, after the delivery man walked up to a house and rang a doorbell, Lufkin police said. It turned out the house was vacant and two armed men approached him from the side of the house, The Lufkin Daily News reported Thursday. The delivery man drew a .22 caliber Derringer and fired two shots, and the assailants ran away, police said.

It appears unlikely the delivery man will face any charges since he “was defending himself at the time of the shooting,” Lufkin Police Lt. David Young said.

A call placed to the restaurant and a call to the chain’s corporate headquarters in Louisville, Ky., weren’t immediately returned Thursday.

Police said Johnx R. Greer, 18, was arrested at a hospital where he was treated for a gunshot wound to the back. He’s been charged with aggravated robbery and was being held in the Angelina County Jail on a $100,000 bond. His attorney, John Tunnell, did not return a call Thursday.

[Source:  Fox News]

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Posted by on Oct 23, 2008 in Politics | 0 comments

A letter to a friend…

Original message:

Even if you don’t vote for him you gotta admit he is a refreshing candidate,
a hell of a speaker and genuinely inspiring. Obama today in Richmond:

Hey (name removed to respect privacy):

He is indeed a terrific orator, as a Harvard Law grad should be. And I absolutely agree that he’s refreshing and inspiring to many.

But I’m a Republican. A small government Federalist, entrepreneur, and passionate advocate for individual responsibilty and strong national defense. I started leaning right when the USS Cole was bombed, and became a card-carrying member of the party in September 2001. I know the names and parties of my local board of supervisors, state reps, US senators and reps, as well as the Supreme Court judges and their positions. I came to my political beliefs through exhaustive due diligence, and not by way of a Bill O. sound bite or Sean Hannity weekend special. I thought I’d point that out, since many advocates for ‘their man’ come to their beliefs by way of the neighbor’s yard signs, or because their families voted that way for decades.

When it became clear that Hillary was vanquished, (good riddance to the greater of two evils, but I digress) I researched Obama’s voting records on the issues most important to me. In short, they are horrifying. I did this before the Hyperbole-palooza started in early summer. Hyperbole by both sides, that is. Bigger government is badder government, and a trillion dollars of new spending will mean way bigger and way badder government. Candidate Obama’s plans to raise the new funds via taxation are on his website, if you care. This, aside from national defense, is my chief concern.

Republicans have done a terrible job with their brand and continually elect incredibly uninspiring candidates. I like McCain, and believe he is best suited to serve as CIC, given the choices. But frankly, his age and decades in the Senate make him seem..musty, and a little brittle (although I suspect he could thrash me soundly and then run a 5K without getting winded.) Where was J.C. Watts when we needed him? Not because he’s black, but because he’s a young sensible Republican with a track record of success and, well, charisma. Romney had legs early on, mainly because of his international business background and personal bearing. But his lack of military experience and nebulous voting record as Governor were deal-breakers. And then there’s Bobby Jindal, my personal favorite. Problem is, he was born when Nixon and his band of scoundrels were running amok in DC. I have shoes older than Bobby Jindal. Come on, GOP, inspire us!

I’m immensely proud as an American that a bi-racial man, with a Muslim heritage and raised by a single mother, is a real contender for the presidency. But I hope he loses, and not for the reasons I just mentioned, but because of his positions on the issues. We’re electing a president, not a debate team captain.

Regardless the outcome, I hope we can all shake hands, have a drink, and rally behind our new POTUS. He’s going to need all the support we can muster.


Caveat: This is a response to my life-long good friend; a Democrat and Commonwealth’s Attorney in Virginia. He’s an outstanding public servant and a dedicated family man, and if I were in his county, I’d cross party lines to support him without hesitation. I’m absolutely certain that he came to his beliefs through thorough personal reflection and like most of us, wants what’s best for his family and country. We simply disagree, and do so without being disagreeable.

I still have plenty of friends in Hollywood who wonder why I’ve gone to the ‘dark side.’ This is my response.

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Posted by on Oct 22, 2008 in Hollywood, Politics | 0 comments

Do you believe me now?

I’ve been telling you for years: those who have spent their entire lives in Hollywood are the least qualified to speak to political issues.  Or any issue of relevance, for that matter.

Here’s another example of a has-been starlet whose mind-numbing statements are so idiotic, one wonders how in hell she functions on a daily basis.

Once again, kids.  If Hollywood embraces an issue, turn and run away as fast as you can.

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