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Posted by on Jun 14, 2007 in Excursions, Gunkholing | 0 comments

Sailing geek

Hard-core sailors will love this article, even though it’s dated.

The Ditch is a great place to hone your cruising skills, but requires sailors to furl the canvas and motor along, resulting in long stretches of boredom that hang over the boat like stagnant fog.

We choose to sail because of, well, the challenge of sailing. The traditional ICW route is a great adventure, but more suited to power cruisers.   If you want some real chest-thumping action, go to the blue water and let the spinnaker fly.  

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Posted by on May 9, 2007 in Gunkholing, Tomfoolery | 0 comments

C-Ranger 25: A *trailerable* tugboat

This has got to be one of the coolest ‘small’ boats on the market.


I’m a sailboat guy..well, I was before I started making documentaries, but that’s another thread. Anyway, the C-Ranger 25 is one schweet little pleasure boat. It’s considered a mini-trawler or mini-tug, and has full accommodations for overnight gunkholing. You can even tow it behind your truck or SUV with very little effort.

More photos are here.

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