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Posted by on May 24, 2007 in Entrepreneurship, Media, Philanthropy | 0 comments

Cancer research news

A group of hedge fund managers has put up a one million dollar prize to encourage innovative cancer research.

This is terrific news.  I’ve always thought industry should be the primary financing source for research rather than the government.  Of course, you’ll have some inherent conflicts of interests.  In the article referenced above, one could cynically guess that the hedge fund guys are invested in pharma companies, and any new discoveries could make then filthy rich.  But so be it.  I have no problem with people becoming filthy rich if A)  they do so legally and B)  share a little love.

The article implies that no daring research is taking place.. that somehow a big bag of cash will inspire researchers to stop living in the box and do something squirrely.  When  in fact, scientists are dedicating their lives to cutting-edge experimentation right this second, and are struggling to make ends meet.

This is the thesis of my film, Summer Running. 

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