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Posted by on Aug 10, 2007 in Hollywood | 0 comments

About those movie credits…

A recent email question from a reader:

“I know you worked on Evan Almighty. Why isn’t your name in the end credits?”

The short answer is this: I didn’t want, or need, the credit. I worked in the locations department, and it was my first big Hollywood gig in ten years. I started my career as a “crew guy”, working in every conceivable position, from stunts to grip to assistant director. I always planned to write, produce and direct my own work, and eventually built a career doing just that. My credit as ‘locations assistant’ means nothing to my career (or ego) so I didn’t ask the producers for it.

‘Credits’ are really important to those crew folks who need to hustle their next job(s). Or, to prove to their family and friends back in Kansas that they are indeed working in the movies, and not slaving away as a telemarketer, selling lightbulbs to senior citizens.

One side note: Evan was a debacle, and it reminded me of why I bailed from the big Hollywood pictures and started my own gig.

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