MURPH-DVD-available-nowIt’s been a wild three years, and MURPH: The Protector is now available.

I hope to post more often, and properly thank those that helped make it happen.

MURPH: The Protector

Coming soon.  Details are here.


USS Michael Murphy – Commissioning

The commissioning is set for this October in NYC.

See you there!

Urgent: PTSD and combat stress

Military veterans returning from overseas deployments are facing very serious issues as they re-acclimate into civilian society.

Many of these men and women are dealing with PTSD and/or combat stress, and may have no idea how to deal with it.

The folks at Hidden Wounds are doing amazing work on behalf of these heroes.  Please pass the word and help our brothers and sisters get the help they need:


Shift colors…

We had some database issues over the summer that have since been repaired.  The archives are once again searchable, and I hope to have a new custom WordPress theme installed in the very near future.

Stand by for heavy rolls.