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Posted by on Apr 28, 2009 in Entrepreneurship, Media, Technology | 1 comment

Good night, Gray Lady…


This is an 8-track tape.  It played on 8-track tape players, which later became obsolete due to the development of cassette tapes.  Cassette tapes later became obsolete because of CDs, and so on, and so on.

To the shareholders of The New York Times:  Give up the ghost.  You lost $74 million last quarter, and it’s NOT going to improve.    The world is going digital, and you’d better keep up.

(And you might want to tighten up your crappy ‘reporting’ while you’re at it.  Middle school bloggers do a better job at unbiased journalism.)

BTW, who in hell is Montana Slim? 

This is Montana Slim.

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1 Comment

  1. It was a government conspiracy that was behind the obsolescence of 8-track tapes & vinyl albums….don’t you watch the X-Files?

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