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Posted by on Jul 30, 2007 in Tomfoolery | 1 comment

27 years to the day…

HAMLIN, Pa. (AP) – Lightning can strike twice. Just ask Don Frick.

Frick says he survived his second lightning strike Friday – 27 years to the day of his first – and emerged a bit shaken, with only a burned zipper and a hole in the back of his jeans.

“I’m lucky I’m alive,” Frick said in a phone interview Sunday night from his home in Hamlin, Pennsylvania.

Frick was attending a festival when a storm came up quickly. He and six others sought refuge in a shed shortly before lightning struck the ground nearby. The strike sent a shock through Frick and four others.

The 68-year-old says “It put me up against the wall. When I came to and realized I was alive, the first thing that came to my mind was that I’m pretty lucky.” None of the others were seriously injured.

Twenty-seven years earlier, Frick said he was driving a tractor-trailer when the antenna was struck by lightning, leaving his left side injured for weeks.

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